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Concrete Retaining Walls Stamford

Retaining walls are a functional and safety feature for your properties. However, this does not mean that they cannot be appropriately designed to suit the aesthetics of your homes, as well as your needs. A concrete company in your area can help you come up with design solutions for your retaining wall.

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The primary function of retaining walls is they provide lateral support at the sides of slopes of soil that are vertically oriented. Without retaining walls, these soil slopes can simply collapse due to the fall of gravity. Because of the primary purpose, all retaining walls must be stable enough. Hence, a multitude of construction techniques are employed in the construction of retaining walls. Materials like steel, wood, or reinforced soil are often used in combination as well.

Many factors can influence the design and type of retaining wall that you will have. These will include your cost considerations, the height needed, specific challenges at your site, as well as soil composition and ground water characteristics. Skills of laborers and quality of materials used can also affect outcomes.

There are also many design options for your retaining wall, like additional colors and textures. Contact a concrete contractor in Stamford at 203-409-1716.