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Concrete Foundations Stamford

Your foundation is one of the most important things in your home. It is the lower portion of the building structure which serves as its support. Foundations are responsible for transferring the gravity load of the building to the ground. Moreover, it also anchors the entire structure against natural occurrences that can compromise the stability of the building. Therefore, the best materials should only be used. Your trusted concrete company near you would definitely recommend a concrete foundation versus any other type of foundation.

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In general, there are three kinds of concrete foundations commonly used. First is the traditional T-shaped foundation. This is common in places where the ground freezes, especially in the winter. This utilizes footing, the walls are made and poured. After which, the slab is placed.

Another good option for concrete foundations is the slab on grade foundation. This is more common in places where the ground does not freeze. Here, the edges of the slab on grade are typically thicker when compared to the interior of the slab. This also makes use of monolithic techniques, where all is poured at once. The last type, frost protected would only work with a heated structure. Consult a concrete contractor in Stamford for your concrete foundation needs. Call 203-409-1716